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The warm weather has finally arrived, final exams have come and gone - and a new year is upon us! 

      Class of 2021  - Congrats on completing your first semester/year at CCNM! 

      Class of 2020 IMG intake -  Welcome! We are so happy to have you here at CCNM.

      Class of 2020 NPLEXers - GOOD LUCK - the NSA is always here to support and cheer you on!  

      Class of 2019  - You rock! All your hard work over the past few years has prepared you to be amazing interns!

      Graduating class of 2018 - Congratulations, we can't wait to see whats in store for each of your next steps!

        To everyone else, enjoy your freedom for the next few months - and make the most of it!

      Here are some updates from your newly elected NSA Executive Council.  We hope you find these emails enjoyable and informative.  We are always open to feedback and comments - so send us a...

December 23, 2017

We hope you all have a lovely holiday season. With the winter semester around the corner, it’s a great time to lean on your colleagues and NSA representatives for advice or extra support you may need.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for putting on a spectacular play! The NSA was proud to be the largest sponsor of the play.

We had our first Town Hall on November 29th to discuss changes to the Constitution, including compensation for future executive councils. As the student turn-out was less than we anticipated we are extending our period for feedback on the Constitution until January 10, 2018. Please reach out to your NSA VP Internal, Nicole DeYonge at with your input.

VP Campus life update from Owen Wiseman:

  • Santa Suri was a great event! Thank you to all of those who attended to take advantage of the bearded man, some hot cocoa and holiday treats.

  • Formal Committee - The applications are coming in a...

Want to get involved? Check out the NSA's Calendar of Events (Fall 2017 edition) and the Botanical Medicine Club Calendar.  

Also, the NSA is recruiting for several positions, listed here:

Class Representatives - Academics, Clinic, and Social (Years 1-3 & PT)

Interprofessional Education Council (IPEC) Members

The Vine - Editor (e-newsletter), Photographer & always welcoming individual submissions!

Gear Club - Sales Team, Designers

Health Week Leaders - Organics week, First Nations Week, Mens Health Week

Formal Committee 

IF interested, email

Stay tuned to the NSA's facebook page for more events and other ways to get involved.

          NPLEX. The word alone strikes anxiety and fear into anyone who hears it (and knows what it’s about). There are a lot of talks and resources that you can use to help you prepare for these exams. I’ll be sharing what I used for NPLEX 1, but if you have questions about NPLEX 2, another another article by Kristen Harpell is also available on The Vine blog. These are the materials I found helpful – knowing what kind of learner I am. If you like to use imagery, word association, and the Major System (it’s a memory technique you can use to remember numbers) – then these resources will be very helpful for you.

  • USMLE. There’s a lot more material in that book than you need, but I preferred that rather than not learning something I needed. That being said, I didn’t finish reading the book before NPLEX 1. I did go over the biochemistry portion completely, and that is a very important section.

  • Dr. T’s Anatomy notes worked for anatomy since there aren't too many...

           What is global health to you? Have you ever considered sharing your knowledge of health to support low-resource communities? Are you a student who wants to gain valuable clinical experience before entering  clinic? Naturopathic Doctors and students have access to many amazing opportunities to apply their skills around the world. Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) is one outlet, providing volunteer opportunities to work with a variety of populations in Haiti, Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.

           I was fortunate enough to spend a week working with NWB in Haiti this past February. Each day, our team traveled to a new community to provide naturopathic care to a variety of populations in a clinical setting. NWB also supports long-term healthcare changes through the use of Haitian educators delivering lectures to other Haitians about proper diet and sanitization, with the goal of correcting misconceptions surrounding community health. In addition to...

      With your clinical year coming to a rapid close I’m sure all you fourth years are starting to think about the final hurdle looming on the horizon. NPLEX II is certainly a hurdle, but it is attainable – and I wanted to share my experience with you to hopefully help you prepare for this summer.

Preparing to Prepare:

       At this stage in the game try not to feel like you actually have to start studying – that is definitely not the case. What I did do at this point last year was definitively decide to take a course, and purchased a copy of the prep book I was planning on using (just to feel a bit better). I spent a lot of time setting up my study schedule, off and on for about 2 weeks in early May. Your schedule should consist of two components:

                Part 1. What each day is going to look like from the day you start to the day of NPLEX

                Part 2. What you’re actually going to be studying every s...

       On April 28-30th, 2017, the 46th Annual International Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference is happening in Toronto! The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine is providing 10 CCNM students with an opportunity to participate and receive a $295 scholarship. The application deadline is April 20th, and will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For more information and the application form, click here.

      CCNM's Research Club features a Study of the Month throughout the year, showcasing various topics in Naturopathic Medicine.  This month, Research Resident Qingping (Amanda) Zheng, ND shared a summary of an article on the "Effect of 48h Fasting on Autonomic Function, Brain Activity, Cognition, and Mood in Amateur Weight Lifters".  

Check out the summary and full article for more information!

         The Vine is a CCNM & NSA establishment that has been run by students, for students for over 15 years.  It has strived to connect students within the school and community by publishing a variety of student work - including events, articles, stories, drawings, photography, and recipes, among other things. We want to connect you to your peers and provide an outlet to share your creative genius, talents, and inspirations. 

Unfortunately, despite ongoing efforts to increase readership and encourage participation, our school newsletter is starving! We need YOUR INPUT! Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Send your thoughts, feedback, or ideas for The Vine to

  2. Contribute to The Vine

    1. Single submissions →  all student contributions are accepted!

    2. Monthly column! Not quite ready for your own blog, or want to boost your personal blog posts? Share your ideas/recipes/inspirations on a regular basis.

    3. ...