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Unity Summit is an experience many of us remember as initially frightening and intimidating but quickly became inspiring, welcoming, and lots of fun!  The September intake of the Class of 2020 went to YMCA’s Geneva Park in the first week of September, and got to hear from several speakers, participate in games and an Amazing Race, and get to know their classmates before starting their CCNM journey.  The generous speakers included CCNM’s President Bob Bernhardt, Dr. Elvis Ali, Dr. Turk, Dr. Sharma & Dr.Jamal, each of whom provided a thoughtful perspective on our school and profession.  Special thank you to the Naturopathic Student’s Association (NSA), and the VP Socials, Karlee Handy & Courtney Clayson, for organizing an amazing event!

Below are some photos and comments from the Class of 2020, our newest members of CCNM and the naturopathic community.

"This type of event is not something I would normally do. However, after attending I have only positive things to say about u...

I’m a student for life. I love learning, and relish any chance to gain experience in our exciting field of Naturopathic Medicine. It’s incredibly nourishing to study what I’m passionate about, but I also know that the life of a dedicated naturopathic medical student can bring with it periods of serious imbalance in my life: weekends when I’m holed up with textbooks and late nights at the library, leaving little time for self-care. This happens to all of us. Not just to those in school, but to everyone pursuing their goals. Seeing a new cohort of students studying for NPLEX I and II reminded me just how difficult it can be to keep balance in this program. It’s brought me to think about balance and I want to share something that helps gets me through challenging CCNM times.

First, let’s talk about imbalance. I believe it’s not always a wholly negative thing. Sometimes it can bring about great achievements – if we know how to work with it. But when overwhelming schedules and commitments ar...

Original Blog Post:

Have you ever heard the quote “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The answer is probably yes, but does the average citizen take this advice to heart? Apparently not, as a survey conducted by The Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition showed that “less than two thirds of Canadians” eat breakfast daily. Translating literally to “break the fast”, breakfast is meant to kick start your metabolism after a good night’s sleep. An investigation into the National Weight Control Registry showed that seventy-eight percent of individuals enrolled-people who have lost and maintained a significantly amount of weight-say they eat breakfast on all mornings of the week! Many studies have shown that breakfast prevents overeating at night time, when people are most likely to consume unhealthy snacks.

A common issue many people face is that they simply do not feel hungry upon wakening. The key to tackling this barrier is to start small and work your way up...

September 27, 2016

The inaugural Global Medicine Week at CCNM was a week-long celebration of traditional healing methods around the globe held in early March.  Students had the opportunity to attend free lectures featuring the timeless wisdom of four unique cultures of healing – Aboriginal, South African, Indian, and Chinese. Passports were given to students who registered, to aid in tracking events attended.  These included trivia quizzes on each region of the world represented. Our world tour of traditional medicine involved four days of workshops and lectures, as described below.

Events included:

  • A workshop by Brenda MacIntyre, Aboriginal Medicine Song Woman. She led a 2-hour healing circle, which saw students in meditative dance and song while healing the expression of the sacred voice.

  • An engaging and informative lecture about South African Traditional Healing from an isangoma (healer), Rebecca Rogerson. Rebecca's journey to become a South African healer was inspirational and i...

Before I started school at CCNM, an ND that I preceptored with said “If there is one piece of advice I can give you it is this – try to get out of the CCNM academic bubble.” But let’s face it! The naturopathic medical program is CHALLENGING!! With all the assignments, exams and preceptoring requirements to fulfill, we rarely have the time to do anything else. However, getting involved, either at CCNM or elsewhere, can actually benefit you as much as the academic learning. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. It helps build leadership & teamwork skills – Some say you can either be a leader or a team player. But, NDs must be both. Whether you open your own

    clinic or work in someone else’s, it takes teamwork to run a clinic smoothly. As an ND you will also have to take initiative to formulate treatment plans and guide your patients to better health. These skills are vital to success in our profession, and while some already have leadership or team based experience, there’s no harm in practic...

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December 23, 2017

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