Hello beautiful CCNM students!

I am so so excited to be your NSA President for the next year.  I believe that your experience at CCNM will shape your future as a naturopathic doctor but also the community spirit and engagement that is crucial to our profession.  It is so important to feel connected and supported during your education and beyond - and that is the primary goal of the NSA.  If you ever have a question, want to get involved, or need extra motivation or support - we are here to help!  I look forward to working with the 2019/2020 Executive Council, an incredible and inspiring group of ladies, and with you to make this our best year yet! 


My role as NSA President involves:

  • Student representation at College-Comittee meetings

  • Communication and liaison between the student body, faculty and administration, and the NSA Executive

  • Overseeing all NSA functioning and support

  • Coordination of the Student Health Plan


Feel free to reach out to me in person, or by email with any questions at nsa_president@ndnet.ccnm.edu! 


- Owen 



Hi CCNM! I’m Carly McLarty, your VP Academics.  


My role on the NSA involves:

  • Weekly meetings with faculty and administration to address issues that affect students. 

  • Organizing MOSCEs and other events to help students prepare for exams

  • Overseeing Class Representatives (Academic & Clinic)


I believe that as students at CCNM we are innovators and the future of healthcare, so I want to encourage you to participate and make your voices heard. I also want to help optimize your academic experience at CCNM so that you may grow both personally and professionally.  Feel free to reach out to me at anytime at nsa_academics@ndnet.ccnm.edu!





CCNM! I’m Karlee, your VP Campus Life. Here are a few of my favourite things: dogs, pizza, mountains, and sports.

My role as VP Campus Life involves:

  • Overseeing all CCNM campus events and organization, including Unity Summits, Formal, Holiday Celebrations & Gear Sales

  • Overseeing CCNM Clubs and Clubs Budget in co-ordination with THRIVE

I’m excited for what this year has in store! This is my second term in this role, so I’ve got lots of exciting things up my sleeve for all of you CCNMers. There is tons of flexibility in what I do, so if you have suggestions for events, holidays, or want to start up a new club then let’s chat!

I encourage you guys, the student body, to make as many connections as possible during your time at CCNM. We are all colleagues at the end of this incredible journey so don’t be shy - come introduce yourself. Question? Suggestions? Shoot me an email at ccnmnsacampuslife@gmail.com.


Hi CCNM, I'm Kim and I'm really excited to introduce myself as your VP Internal! 

My role as NSA Internal involves:

  • All things money - NSA budget & reimbursement process

  • Student communications - poster approval, NSA website, social media, etc.

  • Anything else - I'll send you in the right directio


If you need information about any of these things, or want to learn more about the NSA and how we can help you have the best experience possible at CCNM, approach me in the halls or send me an email at nsa_internal@ndnet.ccnm.com!


Hi CCNM, I’m Caitlyn and I’m your VP External! 


My role as VP External involves:

  • Overseeing all external events and their organization 

    • including MedGames & IHSSO Games (two of my favourites!)

  • Liaising with IPEC Organization and NMSA Organization

  • Liaising between students and the OAND & CAND


I hope to help make the best of your CCNM experience and encourage you to get involved in the CCNM community this year. I am easily approachable and always looking forward to meeting new students. If you have any questions or need any information about the above role please do not hesitate to contact me at nsa_external@ndnet.ccnm.edu or find me in the library, around school, or at the nearest Starbucks. 


Hello Future Naturopathic Doctors!

I am your Student Governor and am entering my third year here at CCNM. My main job is to link the student body and the Board of Governors and represent you guys at all meetings and events related to that. My hobbies include sailing, volunteering in the Paracelsus CCNM Garden and just being outside in nature

If you have any questions about what the purpose of the Board of Governors is or what they do, feel free to stop me in the halls or send my an email at nsastudentgovernor@gmail.com.

My goals for this year are to make sure that you are all aware of what is being discussed at these meetings, be it college, financial, or curriculum related etc. Please visit the BOG page on this website for more information.

I am so looking forward to representing you guys this year!


My role as Student Governor involves:

  • Liasion and voting member on CCNM's Board of Governors





My dear friends, 


Anastasia Callaghan here - your loving student advocate. I am so excited to get to know you! I'm an East Coaster, going into my second year, and my goal is for you to feel comfortable approaching me when you need help or direction. I can easily be reached at nsa.advocate@gmail.com or approaching me at school. Either way, I am here as an advocate to support students so that they can get their best experience at CCNM. I am looking forward to working with students and staff in the upcoming school year, and I encourage you to introduce yourself next time you see me in the hallways at CCNM.


My role as NSA student advocate includes: 

  • Assisting students with navigating any academic, clinic, financial, or other concerns 

  • Acting as an advocate for any individual student conflicts requiring support  

  • Helping guide general concerns of the student body to resolution 


Contact me at nsa.advocate@gmail.com :)


Naturopathic Students Association

1255 Sheppard Ave East

Toronto, ON M2K 1E2


Our office is located on the second floor at the end of the hall in the NSA Student Lounge

Please note that office hours are by appointment only 


Please visit the NSA Executive Page to find out what our Executives can do for you, and to contact them directly! d  edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.