Global Medicine Week 2016 at CCNM

September 27, 2016

The inaugural Global Medicine Week at CCNM was a week-long celebration of traditional healing methods around the globe held in early March.  Students had the opportunity to attend free lectures featuring the timeless wisdom of four unique cultures of healing – Aboriginal, South African, Indian, and Chinese. Passports were given to students who registered, to aid in tracking events attended.  These included trivia quizzes on each region of the world represented. Our world tour of traditional medicine involved four days of workshops and lectures, as described below.


Events included:

  • A workshop by Brenda MacIntyre, Aboriginal Medicine Song Woman. She led a 2-hour healing circle, which saw students in meditative dance and song while healing the expression of the sacred voice.

  • An engaging and informative lecture about South African Traditional Healing from an isangoma (healer), Rebecca Rogerson. Rebecca's journey to become a South African healer was inspirational and insightful.

  • Ram Vakkalanka brought in the melodic tradition of India with his sitar, and explanation of the science behind sound healing according to the Indian philosophy.     

  • An inspiring and grounding overview of Chinese Medicine by Richard Kwan. He took us back to its origins, which added a new dimension to our understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Each of these speakers demonstrated a clear passion for their work.  They also each incorporated an interactive element to their lecture, which helped to consolidate the information and ideas presented to the students.


On the final day, we hosted a panel that featured two of our guest speakers in addition to Dr. Chris Pickrell, ND and Dr. Lynne McNally, ND from the OAND Legacy Project. Each member of the panel voiced their opinions and stance on five different Cross-Cultural Cases in Practice.


The Book of Healing Stories was compiled from students’ submissions of personal healing stories and displayed during the week.  It will be kept as a time capsule of the collective healing traditions across the student body. This book will be opened each year for the addition of new stories.



Other exciting things included a student tea swap, and prizes that were given on the final day. The well-deserved Word Traveller Award first prize was given to Mikyung Kim for her participation in all of the events. Thank you to the sponsors for helping to make the event possible - CCNM, NFH, Seroyal and Cytomatrix. I am also grateful for the amazing NMSA team that helped put this together during a traditionally busy

time of the semester.


On behalf of the NMSA, we look forward to continuing to honour the sacred traditions of healing around the world.


Be sure to check the NMSA’s Facebook page for photos from this event and for upcoming events.









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