A Student’s Place in Global Health

           What is global health to you? Have you ever considered sharing your knowledge of health to support low-resource communities? Are you a student who wants to gain valuable clinical experience before entering  clinic? Naturopathic Doctors and students have access to many amazing opportunities to apply their skills around the world. Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) is one outlet, providing volunteer opportunities to work with a variety of populations in Haiti, Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona.



           I was fortunate enough to spend a week working with NWB in Haiti this past February. Each day, our team traveled to a new community to provide naturopathic care to a variety of populations in a clinical setting. NWB also supports long-term healthcare changes through the use of Haitian educators delivering lectures to other Haitians about proper diet and sanitization, with the goal of correcting misconceptions surrounding community health. In addition to all the learning that takes place while treating patients throughout the day, the learning does not have to end when clinic has finished. Each evening, an experienced Naturopathic Doctor will continue to supply advanced, hands on learning by meeting students at their present skill level and knowledge base and pushing beyond for students to take as much away from the experience as desired.


            The amount of practical and clinical experience I gained from my time in Haiti has advanced my student experience on returning to CCNM. Treating pathologies I have not yet clinically experienced as a second year student has consolidated the paper-based learning I have received at CCNM and greatly advanced my confidence in clinical settings.


               In addition to the incredible clinical experience, travelling to Haiti and being immersed in beautiful landscapes, delicious authentic food, and meeting the most wonderful people gave me a greater appreciation for a different culture and way of life.


               Imagine a world where every person has access to naturopathic healthcare. Together, we can help make this a reality. If you are interested in joining the many students, doctors, donors and volunteers making change around the world, visit www.nwb.ngo to see how you can make a difference.  

Looking for more details? Come chat with me at CCNM or connect with me online @ambknott on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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