2019 Clubs Day will be held on Monday, January 21st at common time (12:00-2:00pm) - See you there!


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Room Booking

Rooms for club events and meetings can be booked at the CCNM Front Desk with Suri.  



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CCNM Cultural Club

Contact: Abirna Kadambamoorthy & Shakila Mohmand


Leadership Club

Contact: Cindy Beernink


Qi Gong


Education Exchange


Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doula


Neuro Research Club



Acroyoga Club


Mental Health Outreach Club


NHP Student Rep Club

This club includes all Student Reps of Natural Health Product companies which are associated with CCNM.

Fertility Club

The CCNM Fertility Club was created for those interested in advancing their knowledge and understanding of fertility and reproductive health from pre-conception to post-partum. Events and meetings will include research reviews, case presentations, and guest lecturers.

The Aging Well Club

The Aging Well Club at CCNM will provide students and faculty an opportunity to learn how naturopathic medicine can be integrated with the geriatric population. The club will organize workshops, seminars and opportunities to go out into the community to learn about and gain experience with the geriatric population. We aim to gain a better understanding of where the current needs are with this demographic.


Join the Facebook group for more information!

The Botanical Medicine Club


To further our understanding of Botanicals outside of class, and to use them in fun ways. Such as making lip balm, beer, soup , teas, tinctures, and foraging for plants. Calendar of Events

CCNM Business Association

CCNM Business Association hopes to educate students on important business matters pertaining to the naturopathic career. The club aims to offer insight which will compliment information taught in practice management and illustrate the various forms that business pertains to naturopathic income. The CCNMBA was founded in September of 2013, at a time when a lack of business confidence, an ongoing fear around difficulties of managing a practice and a progressive uncertainty for the future was felt by many students. With the aim of addressing these apprehensions, the CCNMBA was created to form a community at CCNM for business-minded individuals to network, learn, support one another and openly address the real obstacles that exist within our profession as it relates to business. Since our inception, we have grown to be one of the largest NSA student clubs and have found a purpose at the college and among the profession. Since founding the club, we have held ND panels on successes and failures; navigated partnerships with accountants, financial advisors and lawyers; explored the marketing, branding and differentiation for the ND; explored many different faces of an ND, and delved into building an effective presentation for community. Most importantly, we answer the question of what it means to be both a naturopathic doctor and an entrepreneur. This year, our mandate is to provide valuable educational and experiential opportunities for students and NDs. We look forward to our third annual business summit in January 2017 and highly anticipate meeting our roster of unique speakers who will explore how changing technology will impact NDs, how the ND market is evolving and the various occupations that exist for NDs.


Craft Lovers United (CLU)

Contact: Yen Cam

This is a CCNM club where members can explore, create, and share their love of crafts! There is no experience necessary, all you need is your imagination! We will have a wide range of crafts from cross-stitching to mug decorating to just some old-fashion colouring! So come out and relax with some fellow crafters and let your creative juices flow!

Energy Medicine Club

To explore energy healing modalities that are not part of the Naturopathic Medicine Program at CCNM

Integrative Oncology


Support and mentor students looking to pursue a career in naturopathic/integrative oncology; Facilitate presentations and events regarding integrative oncology; Educate students about the process of applying for the cancer focus shift in 4 th year; Disseminate resources and material pertinent to the field (research, websites, volunteer opportunities, etc.)

Meditate CCNM

To provide a space for CCNM community, including students, staff and faculty, to come together and practice mindfulness and other meditation techniques. This is meant as personal practice and development and is not taught with a clinical focus for use with others. This is designated space for members of the CCNM sphere to focus on themselves while building a sense of camaraderie and community at our school and hopefully in the outside world.

Naturopaths Without Borders

Contact: Scott Dainty

To connect and inform CCNM student about the different global health trips through the NWB organization, and to educate students about cultural competency in the different areas NWB has clinics in.

Naturopathic Medical Students Association - NMSA

Contact: Catherine Multari

International naturopathic medical students’ professional association. The local chapter is composed of an annually member-elected executive that manages NMSA-sponsored events and initiatives to students at the regional chapter level.

Pediatrics Club

Our club mission is to provide naturopathic students interested in working with children the skills and resources to do so. Meetings will prepare students in the field of pediatrics through workshops, integrative panels, seminars, and volunteering experiences with local children’s health organizations.  We are backed by The Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians (PedANP), and are committed to helping students grow in the field of pediatrics. 

This is a member run club meaning that members can share their ideas and get involved in organizing club events

CCNM Research Club

The CCNM Research Club (formerly known as Journal Club) is open to all students, and both academic and clinic faculty. It is headed by CCNM’s Research Department in an effort to promote the research culture at CCNM and facilitate in knowledge translation. It is an opportunity to develop critical thinking and evidence-based practice skills, and participate in discussion about research within the broader naturopathic profession.

Sports Medicine Club

Contact: Adrienne Elgie

Our club is dedicated to the promotion of naturopathic sports medicine as a viable modality for all activity levels. We are committed to fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment whereby members can share ideas, receive training, and engage in meaningful research-based discussions. We also provide extra-curricular certifications and precepting opportunities.

CCNM Yoga Club

Provide free, all-levels yoga classes to the CCNM students during common time hours.

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Student Clubs


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Our office is located on the second floor at the end of the hall in the NSA Student Lounge

Please note that office hours are by appointment only 


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